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"Angel of tango, guide and guardian, Grant to me your glory.

Angel of tango, hide no longer, Secret and strange Angel."


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                                                                                     First, there is music; a feeling, a moment, a reflection of a sensation, emotion, ...memory. Then,

                                                                                     there is the passion, not only to dance, but to share. Comes now the embrace; the most

                                                                                     important part of the dance. The embrace is not a frame, or a hold, or a position. It is the

                                                                                     moment that you share all of your inward intention with a partner. The embrace has defined

                                                                                     the dance, before the first step has been made.


Tango, now, is a silent communication between partners; an intimate connection of mind and body, and a unique conversation without words. He tells her of his inner-most desires, and she assures him that she understands with her movement. She tells him of her passion for the dance, and he acquiesces with lead. The dance is not the steps; it is the feeling of the movement in between. It is the movement and feeling that defines the dance, and the most beautiful, is the movement within the stillness.


Tango is neither slow nor quick, hard nor soft, a step or a pattern. It is a welling of expression that is drawn from the inside - out... not a physical intervention from the outside - in. It is the most most natural dance on the planet. One just has to close the eyes, and feel.

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